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Information for book reviewers

If you are an editor, book reviewer or a journalist and would like to review or support a review of one or multiple books by Springer Nature, we are happy to support your endeavor. 

We acknowledge and deeply value the time that reviewers and journalists spend writing about our books. Please note that we provide solicited review copies in electronic format for confirmed pieces in journals, newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets (television, radio, etc.).

Regularly assessing how our resources are produced and used is an important part of our commitment to reduce Springer Nature’s impact on the environment. The development of a sustainable, flexible e-strategy reflects our long-term status as an industry leader, as well as our commitment to minimising our environmental impact by implementing green initiatives wherever possible.  You can find out more about these commitments in our annual Sustainable Business Report.

Book review copy request form

We provide review copies of our titles to newspapers, magazines, journals and other media outlets (television, radio, etc.) who intend to review or discuss our books. If you are an editor, reviewer or journalist and would like a review copy, please complete the form below. For course adoptions, textbook copies and university reading lists, please use this different form.

If you are interested in reviewing multiple books, please include the eBook ISBN separated by commas.
In case you do not receive any mails from us, please check your junk email folder and spam filter as we will send it electronically.)
Tearsheets, copies and PDF of reviews or articles are much appreciated; please send to [email protected] or to Book Review, Tiergartenstrasse 17, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany.
Terms and Conditions: By completing and submitting this form, you warrant that you are a book reviewer, an editor or a journalist who wishes to receive a complementary review copy to review one or more of our books in a solicited piece within media (journal, newspaper, magazine, TV show, radio, etc.). The review copy is sent as-is, without warranty, liability or conditions of any kind, expressed or limited. Review copies are a free resource to you / your organisation for personal-use only. Resale of review copies is not permitted. You acknowledge that all review copies are sent at the sole discretion of Springer Nature and that these are protected by international copyright laws, database rights and other intellectual property rights of which Springer Nature, its affiliates or its licensees are the owners.
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We collect and use your personal data to facilitate the information you requested. As we describe in our privacy policy, we won’t contact you for anything not related to this request and we will not share your information with any third parties. We may share it with our affiliated companies and use it internally for analysis purposes.

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